Corporate Structuring and Management, Management Agreements

Our work in this area is quite varied. Our corporate practice can be divided into several main groups:

  • Corporate management – matters related to internal rules and procedures, issues of managerial nature and determining the scope of rights vested in the managers, performance guarantees on a managerial level, appointment of managers and accountants, employee incentives such as option plans, and etc.
  • Relations between shareholders – we map out strategies for relations between shareholders, including assistance with negotiations between potential shareholders, undertaking of various obligations and engagements, protection of minority shareholders in public companies, purchase and sale options, drafting and filing of memorandums of engagement before the respective authorities for the entering into share transfer agreements, and etc. We have also participated in negotiations and hostile acquisition of shareholder rights.
  • Corporate advice – filing of documents with the respective administrative bodies, review of shareholder books and agreements, keeping of shareholder books, drafting of different letters and agreements for representation in corporate bodies, representation of shareholders in general meetings, organization and holding of general meetings of shareholders, and etc.